Big Ben (Carson) Beats Local Broker By A Nose!

What a race it was; by the narrowest margin – a scalpel’s blade width – local real estate broker Don Miller Jr came up “short” to lead HUD to Dr. Ben Carson! “I’ve never ridden so hard in my life but Big Ben was just too strong,” said Miller, “and clearly I’m disappointed but also […]

A Part Of History! – “Racing the Times”

What an amazing story about Maryland Racing, Maryland horses and the Maryland horse people! Maryland was literally the cradle of horse racing in the U.S. Grab a beer or a glass of wine and sit back and enjoy this one. I got goose bumps watching it (and yes, I’m in it). My good friend Drew […]

Local Baltimore Real Estate Broker To Head HUD?

After coming up “short” to Indiana Governor Mike Pence as President-elect Donald Trump’s VP selection, a local Baltimore real estate broker is now in a fierce race to head Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). “Folks in the know” within Trump’s inner circle have quietly leaked, for lack of authority to disclose sensitive information, […]